Twitter api write access

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Twitter api write access

Everybody has this idea that Twitter is easy.

twitter api write access

With a little architectural hand waving we have a scalable Twitter, just that simple. If you want to know how Twitter works - then start here. It happened gradually so you may have missed it, but Twitter has grown up.

A couple of points stood out: Twitter no longer wants to be a web app. Twitter wants to be a set of APIs that power mobile clients worldwide, acting as one of the largest real-time event busses on the planet.

Twitter is primarily a consumption mechanism, not a production mechanism. Outliers, those with huge follower lists, are becoming a common case.

Sending a tweet from a user with a lot of followers, that is with a large fanout, can be slow. One of the consequences is replies can arrive before the original tweet is received. Twitter is changing from doing all the work on writes to doing more work on reads for high value users. Your home timeline sits in a Redis cluster and has a maximum of entries.

Twitter knows a lot about you from who you follow and what links you click on. It takes a very sophisticated monitoring and debugging system to trace down performance problems in a complicated stack.


And the ghost of legacy decisions past always haunt the system. How does Twitter work? Naive materialization is a massive select statement over all of Twitter. It was tried and died.

Solution is a write based fanout approach. Do a lot of processing when tweets arrive to figure out where tweets should go. This makes read time access fast and easy.

Mining Twitter Data with Python (Part 1: Collecting data) – Marco Bonzanini

With all the work being performed on the write path ingest rates are slower than the read path, on the order of QPS. Groups The Platform Services group is responsible for the core scalable infrastructure of Twitter. Internal clients use roughly the same API as external clients.

Work on capacity planning, architecting scalable backend systems, constantly replacing infrastructure as the site grows in unexpected ways. Twitter has an architecture group. Concerned with overall holistic architecture of Twitter. Maintains technical debt list what they want to get rid of.

The job of Twitter is to figure out how to syndicate the content out. How to send it to your followers. The real challenge is the real-time constraint. Goal is to have a message flow to a user in no more than 5 seconds. Delivery means gathering content and exerting pressure on the Internet to get it back out again as fast as possible.

Delivery is to in-memory timeline clusters, push notifications, emails that are triggered, all the iOS notifications as well as Blackberry and Android, SMSs. Twitter is the largest generator of SMSs on a per active user basis of anyone in the world. Elections can be one of the biggest drivers of content coming in and fanouts of content going out.

Two main types of timelines: A user timeline is all the tweets a particular user has sent.Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state.

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Please note that getting codes via Telegram should not be considered an alternative to using an up-to-date phone case of a change in numbers, always make sure Telegram is connected to a phone number you control, otherwise you risk losing access to .

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