Slow walkers

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Slow walkers

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Jim was no doubt acutely aware that dog walking is not for everyone. It takes a particular kind of person. You have to possess a special kind of patience and understanding.

You have to have lightning reactions and be able to cope with a wide range of difficult and sometimes dangerous situations. An immunity to all extremes of weather is essential. It takes dedication and commitment. Unfortunately, this is exactly how a lot of people perceive the job, and any responsible dog walking company owner will tell you that the hiring process is the most challenging part of the business.

Slow walkers

Since then, dog walking has exploded as a profession in New York. But with so many dog walkers to choose from, how have New York dog owners been separating the wheat from the chaff?

Sorting The Good From The Bad There are two main categories of dog walker — those who work for a dog walking company, and those who work for themselves. Traditionally, both kinds have always been in high demand in New York.

Given how precious our pets are to us, the most important issue is how to separate the professionals from the amateurs. A few things spring to mind: Are they dedicated to the job, i.

Are they reliable, and do they guarantee their ongoing availability? Are they caring, affectionate and patient with animals? Are they properly trained and do they have extensive experience? Do they have an intimate understanding of dog behavior and body language?

Do they react well in potentially dangerous situations? Do they have safety measures in place to ensure that dogs cannot get away from them outside?

Do they take an active interest in the dogs they walk? Are they looking to bond with the dogs they walk on a long term basis? Are they honest in communicating problems and issues with dogs to their owners?

And as true dog lovers, we go to great lengths to make sure walkers are a good fit. In the case of independent dog walkers, this is something which is usually ascertained by word of mouth — a neighborhood dog walker will, over the years, build a good reputation for themselves.

They become a regular fixture on neighborhood streets and in dog parks. Companies like King Pup have traditionally been founded by genuine animal lovers who cut their teeth for years walking dogs independently.

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They bring that experience with them when they start fully fledged dog walking companies and start hiring. Not everyone takes the job seriously. Not everyone is reliable, or dedicated, or has the patience to work with animals.

You can get a sense of what goes into the hiring of a King Pup dog walker here. As someone who has worked in the pet care business for almost 15 years, the thought of hiring dog walkers on a casual basis, or through an online questionnaire or by simply asking them to fit a harness to a dummy dog terrifies me.

Along Comes Wag Over the last couple of years, a new kind of dog walking company has emerged.

Slow walkers

It was founded by Jason Meltzer, a tech entrepreneur. Any article about an Uber for dog walkers was bound to get shared and go viral.But now, a UK shopping centre has launched a new strategy to help impatient shoppers avoid slow walkers — and the rage that goes with them.


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Professional NYC dog walkers have been around for decades. New York’s most famous dog walker, Jim Buck – who died in – was considered the first person to professionalize the service.

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But now, a UK shopping centre has launched a new strategy to help impatient shoppers avoid slow walkers — and the rage that goes with them. The Lakeside Centre in Essex has introduced a Jul 10,  · Blackburn's research until this point had involved elegant, precisely controlled experiments in the lab.

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