Ocr a2 history coursework questions

C1, C2, C3 A2 Level: They also have the 'further pure' FP

Ocr a2 history coursework questions

Decentre Jean Piaget argued that to decentre is to be able to take into account more than one aspect of a situation at a time.

According to Piaget, this type of thinking was typical of a child in the pre-operational stage. The ability to conserve is an example of the ability to decentre. Defence mechanism A strategy used by the mind to defend itself from anxiety provoking thoughts.

In Freud's study of Little Hans he identified the defence mechanism known as identification with the aggressor. Whereby Little Hans stresses all the ways that he is similar to his father, adopting his father's attitudes, mannerisms and actions, feeling that if his father sees him as similar, he will not feel hostile towards him.

Any aspect of a study which has an influence on participants to do or answer what is expected of them. A dissociative disorder where an individual loses their sense of identity. See the studies by Zimbardo and Rosenhan.

Descriptive Statistics Statistics are a method of summarising and analysing data for the purpose of drawing conclusions about the data.

Ocr a2 history coursework questions

Carrying out psychological research often involves collecting a lot of data. As psychologists therefore we need to have knowledge of statistics so that we can make conclusions about our data. We can make a distinction between descriptive and inferential statistics.

Descriptive statistics simply offer us a way to describe a summary of our data. Inferential statistics go a step further and allow us to make a conclusion related to our hypothesis. Descriptive statistics give us a way to summarise and describe our data but do not allow us to make a conclusion related to our hypothesis.

When carrying out a test of difference activity C there are two main ways of summarising the data using descriptive statistics. The first way is to carry out of measure of central tendency mean, median or mode for each of the two conditions.

The mean is calculated by adding all the scores together in each condition and then dividing by the number of scores. This is a useful statistic as it takes all of the scores into account but can be misleading if there are extreme values.

For example if the scores on a memory test were 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 42, the mean would be 10 which is not typical or representative of the data.

The median is calculated by finding the mid point in on ordered list. The median is calculated by placing all the values of one condition in order and finding the mid- point.

This is a more useful measure than the mean when there are extreme values. The mode is the most common value in a set of values. The second way of summarising and describing data is to calculate a measure of dispersion.

This simply shows us the spread of a set of data. A simple way of calculating the measure of dispersion is to calculate the range. The range is the difference between the smallest and largest value in a set of scores.

Ocr a2 history coursework questions

Although it is a fairly crude measure of dispersion as any one high or low scale can distort the data.A: Action research: A method whereby part of the purpose of the researcher is to influence or change the participants behaviour.

Examples include the Freud, Thigpen and . Introduction 2 OCR Coursework Guide This is a guide to H History A Level Non Examination Assessed Unit Y It should be read in. OCR A2 HISTORY: UNIT F – PHILIP II OF SPAIN.

By working through questions and completing coursework, an A Level History by the student and based on the independent investigation of a historical issue OCR moderatedYear 13 Subject Information Subject Art, Craft and.

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History subject information for GCSE History, A Level History, Entry Level History and Applied History qualifications - OCR. OCR is a leading UK awarding body, providing qualifications for learners of all ages at school, college, in work or through part-time learning programmes.

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