Essays society problems

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Essays society problems

British society just like Chinese society,European society and American society have positive things but also some problems that need to solved.

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British society is not perfect, it means it has a lot of issues. We need to look at them in order to find out what problems are and also suggest some methods. This essay will discuss three important issues, firstly, we are going to discuss that waves of immigration brings tension and stress to UK.

Then, it will states the social crisis from population aging. Finally, it will look at how the monarchy affects British society and presents some arguments for abolishment. Many people think that conflict between settlers and persons born in Britain is the principal reason of division.

Therefore, it gave rise to a set of implications at national and local levels, for example,the allocation of the welfare state, degrees of concentration on health and educational provision, unemployment or skill shortages.

In this situation, the speed of control and number of immigrants is necessary, the immigrant restrictionism should be made correctly. There are some suggestions have been provided, such as immigrants must learn to speak English, the governments use BELTS to process immigration and student visa applications.

Actually it is a test that checks out your proficiency in English language. Only those people who have sufficient ability to pass the test can have quality to stay in UK. Similarity, the welfare state should be open to those born abroad who have contributed to society and play by the rules.

In my opinion, it is a good method to relieve stress effectively from immigrants in the UK. Secondly, let us have a look at aging population in the UK. An ageing population problem is when a country has a high percentage of old generation people. The problem may lead to a series of crises in public service provision.

Women have been having fewer children during the past 40years; though birth rates have grown in a bit in the past 20 years. In Britain, women are presently having 1.

Essays society problems

The second reason is rising longevity. Individuals have longer lifetime benefits from improvements in diet, health and preventative health care. In the 20th century, the average life span added up by 30 years. With the elderly being the fastest growing age group in UK, it will create increasingly force in healthcare and social services.

Thus, the state should assist people in later life was a priority. Some people argue that spending money on the elderly is a waste of money, it is better to spend on the young who can still contribute to society.

However, this is the fact that the elderly ever contributed the nation when they were young. Therefore, the problem of the elderly must not be neglected. In my opinion, these suggestions are effective to solve these social problems?

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Finally, we will discuss the monarchy in UK. Firstly, the monarchy is a waste of taxpayers money. According to Buckingham Palace, It has been acknowledged that sustaining the royal family costs Britons 53 pence, or about 81 cents, per person, per year.

The total came to about Therefore, the public are confused to this money is given to them instead of being given to support troop or fund hospitals.

And it is enough to pay for thousands of teachers, nurses or polices officers at a time of sweeping public spending cuts. Although there are some benefits from the monarchy, there are still some suggestions on abolishment exist. Because in the past, the monarchy was the dominant power in UK.

Nowadays, all affairs are solved by the British government, and the monarchy has no place in UK anymore. There are other methods have been suggested to solve, such as make a vote too decide whether to abolish the monarchy according to the opinion of the public.

In my opinion, it may be not an effective method to solve by soliciting public opinion. In conclusion, it has been discussed which three key problems are influencing the British society. These problems are about immigrants, aging population and monarchy.The term social problems is a generic term applied to a range of conditions and behaviors which are assumed to be manifestations of social disorganization and this conditions warrant changing through some means of social engineering.

Society problems essay

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